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Bulleye Power BatMoWheel

We are proud to announce the latest  developement in Turbocharger design by Bullseye Power! The BatMoWheel compressor wheel. Not only is it aesthetically enticing, but the functionality of it is what is the most appealing. The curved blade design is engineered to have more surface area than a standard straight blades, which is to produce flow equal to a larger standard blade wheel. For example, the 66mm wheel would have the equal surface area of a 71mm. However, this alone is not enough to produce the outstanding results. Their extended tip technology as well as the actual curves of the blades also account for it's performance. Current available wheel options are 62mm, 66mm, 71mm, 75mm and 80mm.

Bulleye BatMoWheel

In excitement to test this new wheel, we swapped our Garrett GT42 (76mm) Supra with the S374 BatMoWheel and headed straight to the dyno! Needless to say, we were extremely impressed. With the GT42 at 27-28psi, max horsepower was 804rwhp. With the S374 (75mm) on 30psi, 941rwhp was achieved. The Supra's block is completely STOCK with the exception of HKS 272 camshafts.

Bullseye S374 Batmowheel

Here is the video below:

941rwhp and 684rwtq @ 30psi
Bullseye Power S374 Billet BatMoWheel 1.10a/r
1000 cc injectors
2 Bosch 044 Pumps
HKS 272 Cams
stock block
no head work
no e85

Comparison of the Garrett GT42 vs. the Bullseye S374 BatMoWheel

Garrett GT42 vs Bullseye S374 Batmowheel

GT42 vs. S374 Batmowheel

Bullseye Power S374 Billet Batmowheel


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